Member  Benefits

More information about Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits

Any business entity interest in applying for new membership should fill out the application and submit it to PCC office. The Board will review and take action on applications for new members. Contact PCC office for more detail information

Current membership fee is $25 which was established since the start of the Chamber in 1980. There is an on-going review and restructuring of membership fee which will be based on category of business, number of employees, gross annual review and allocation of number of votes for each category.

Renew your membership or apply to become a new member. To continue to be a member in good standing or become a new member, membership fee should be paid to the Treasurer of PCC with a copy of the approved membership application as evidence of new membership.

Membership Benefits

When promoting membership in PCC, the question often asked is what benefit will my business get out of being member of the Chamber. It makes sense to know the benefit of becoming a member of the Chamber.

Part of the Chamber's project for FY 2017 is to launch a membership drive campaign to recruit members. To be able provide members' benefits, the Chamber will need a broad membership base with all industry groups being represented. With the full support of Pohnpei business community, PCC will be able to provide full range of services for the benefit of the members.

Following are examples of benefits that Chamber will be working toward in 2018.

· Professional Growth and Prosperity
· Policy Development
· Access to Business Information
· Member Benefit Programs - value-added programs