Looking Ahead In 2018

PCC to become a recognized member of Pohnpei State Trade Facilitation Committee (STFC).

·         The broader the membership base, the more the Chamber can provide members' benefits which will be supported by membership fees. Refer to sets of proposed benefits shown under Section 2 - Governance - that the Chamber will strive to provide to the extend financially possible.

·         PCC staff (ED) receiving training to effectively carry of duties and responsibilities necessary for achievement of PCC goals and objectives.

·           More inclusive participation in policy making at all levels of government. This requires official endorsement of PCC as the official focal point at State level. It also extends to having PCC representative on state government policy making boards, commissions, etc. and to be part of State official delegations to SNLC and other national and regional conference, workshops, meetings, relating to private sector development.

·           PCC to become a recognized member of Pohnpei State Trade Facilitation Committee (STFC).

·           PCC to be provided an office space in the Pohnpei SBDC to link PCC to SBDC educational programs.

·           Supporting development of FSM Private Sector Development Program Policy Framework to guide all private sector programs and projects to be undertaken by the private sector.

·           Assistance in the development of Pohnpei Women In Business to engage in household farming to support food security program in Pohnpei. PCC will be partnering with the Island Food Community of Pohnpei and FSM Development Bank.

·           Conducting Outreach Awareness Program for small business development in the rural communities in collaboration with Department of Resources and Development and the Local Chief Executives.

·           Promoting coconut and breadfruit as the State/National primary commodity crops for food security and revenue generation. These two crops are grown all across FSM and many export products can be made from them.