Review of Corporate Legal Framework Continued

(Articles and Laws)

There are many opportunities to help aspiring entrepreneurs for business startup or existing small business owners for growth and expansion. We seek continued support and assistance from our Government Leaders at the National and State levels to support the creation of favorable investment climate to ensure that the private sector can engage within an environment that promote fair competition and protect investor's interests.

The private sector has not been able to fully engage in the economic development of FSM because of disharmonious policies at the National and States levels. Furthermore, the local governments that host and license business establishments have not been made an active equal player in the formulation of economic development policies let along the private sector. To help private sector to effectively move the economy forward, we see the need for establishment of a coherent policy for a FSM Private Sector Development Program. Such policy should include a nationally based until specially set up to coordinate small business development initiatives and projects with the states and local governments. It must be an inclusive development approach that all relevant players should collaboratively participate and implement. Confrontational engagements of leaders on turf protection should be redirected to a unified national sustainable economic development goal.

The Chamber is continually seeking assistance to provide numerous opportunities for the chamber members to start and grow your business through sponsored business training, networking events, targeted advertising opportunities, or specialty trade shows.

Please take a moment to review this report and see how membership with the Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce may be able to strengthen our community while directly benefiting your business. Should you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again, thank you all for your collective support for Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce.


Leon A. Senda

President & Chairman of the Board