About The Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce: Who We Are, What We Do  and What We may Have Done or Accomplished.

Our Vision - Mission and Values.


Our Vision: The Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce facilitates the development of Pohnpei States into a nationally competitive, sustainable and economically diverse State.

Our Mission: The Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce leads our community toward sustainable economic growth, advocates a pro-business climate for our members, builds upon Pobnpei's traditional foundations and establishes and executes Pohnpei community's vision toward a self-sustaining economy.
Our Organizational Values: The Pohnpei Chamber of Commerce embraces the following organization values to direct our governance and activities:

Excellence: PCC will strive to achieve excellence in business and community support, Stewardship: PCC will maintain respect, protect and conserve our resources, Integrity: PCC will demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness in deed and intent, Vision: PCC will imagine all prospects, Inclusiveness: PCC will respect, support and value inclusive participation in community Dialogue and decision-making, and Courage: PCC will act with courage and strength in facing adversity.

Staff Values: In order to serve the member at the best possible level, the Chamber team holds itself to the highest standards of excellence, actively embracing the following staff values:

Accountability: Being accountable to ourselves, each other and to the organization, Creativity: Thinking creatively about different ways of doing things, Honesty: Communicating the facts without judgment or bias, Respect: Acknowledging each other's value and contribution, Teamwork: Working together cooperatively towards a common goal, and Trust: Believing in each other's ability and success.

  We extend special thanks to the FSM National Government for its support for the private sector through grants to the State chambers of commerce. We also wish to express our appreciation to all of you who have supported the Chamber during the many of its turbulent years to keep it afloat.

Our Chamber is comprised of voluntary members who pay annual membership fee at the beginning of each calendar year so that as bona fide members they can participate in any chamber meetings with the right to vote and engage in other activities during their term of membership. Membership is renewable with payment of fee at the beginning of each calendar year.
We seek support and partnership with the FSM and Pohnpei State Government in providing the much-needed private sector economic development program for creation of new jobs for people of Pohnpei who are actively seeking for jobs in the public and private sectors, and generation of revenue for government.

The Chamber is currently undergoing organizational strengthening and capacity building to better serve its members and the business community of Pohnpei. Part of this effort is the on-going work on the development of a five-year strategic plan to guide the Chamber's in the improvement of its services to its stakeholder.

There are several projects that are currently underway to further improve the services of the Chambers to its members and business community. These include:

  Finalization of an agreement on the development of PCC website.
 Organization of a Public Private Dialogue for Government and private sector In Pohnpei.
 Development of a Pohnpei Business Directory.
 Negotiation for development of a Five-Year Strategic Development Plan.